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ī77 The Great Escape

ī77 The Great Escape

I remember the first time,
My very first date.
I waited for hours and got in a state,
A kiss and a fire and I thought it was love.
The stranger's intentions were not quite my kind.
Then – from strangers money could be made.

Then came 17

Dancing to Donaton (spelling could be Donaughton), staying out late,
Down to St. Vincent's while lying in wait,
Exciting the others with my blind escape,
On saturday night I will cross heaven's gate,
Screaming blue model, oh, such an appropriate fate.
77 I'll never regret.

Then came 21
(and Diego?)

Walking the wedge into mumboys an skins.
AML demos and movements begins,
Tried every vice, adored every sin,
I've hung up my heels by the occasional wench.
I never felt guilty, so why should I begin?
Why should I begin?

all men so?