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 Johnny Verso

Johnny Verso

Wipe that smile from your face, Johnny,
Tell me what you find so funny,
Johnny, I'm not scared of you.
One day you'll just go to far,
One day I'll walk out that door,
Someday soon, well, that's for sure.

Such a fool you've made of me,
I'm tired of all your lying, Johnny,
I've lost all my trust in you,
My friends all tell me I'm no-good.
Trouble is your middle name,
Well, Johnny, I won't play this game,
So, Johnny let me go, I'm begging you – hey!

Johnny, Johnny, I'm blue.

I'm sick of you
And all your crying,
And all your lying,

Johnny, I'm sick of you,
Johnny, I'm blue,
Can't you see, I'm blue?
It's all because of you.
I don't need you, Johnny,
I don't want you, Johnny,
Johnny, you make me blue.